Learn how to make Pottery in 10 minutes

We have been making pottery for years now. It’s a great way to relax, unleash your creativity and even earn money! Tunisian Pottery is considered by many as an inaccessible hobby and expensive activity. However, in 2022, it is quite easy to make ceramics: all you need is the right materials (potter’s wheel, kilns, etc.) and regular training.

How do you get started in the Pottery industry? The experts at Ceramica+ have some tips for you to get started.


1- Know the different Pottery techniques

To shape earth or clay, you have the choice between several techniques from which the most basic is hand modeling and turning and the most complex is Colombian Pottery (or mounting). In any case, you should choose the technique that seems easiest to you for making pottery.

2- Choosing the right clay paste

Different types of clay are available in the market. Some of them need to be fired at a very high temperature (+1000°C); especially porcelain. This pasta therefore requires a professional oven for proper drying. To meet this need, the simplest trick is to opt for pasta that can be cooked in the traditional oven like:


For those who want a clay that can be fired at a low temperature, earthenware may be your best bet. These clays tend to be less durable, more porous and easier to mold.


Sandstone is also a great choice for beginners as it is also plastic, hence it easier to mold.


3- Choose the best place to make Ceramics

The best place to make pottery is one that meets the following criteria:

  • A clean, secluded area with impervious concrete floors to facilitate cleaning.

  • A solid table

  • A place with tables and shelves for drying.

  • A place with an excellent ventilation to protect your lungs from small clay particles.

4- Prepare the necessary materials to make the pottery

Although you can make pottery by hand, there are some basic tools that you will find useful. Here are some suggested tools:

  • Potter’s Wheel: If you want to make decorative pottery vases, you should invest in a potter’s wheel. The latter gives a regular shape to your creations.
  • Kilns (Gas or Electric Kiln): Ceramics kilns heat ceramics to high temperatures to solidify the clay. Ovens can be gas or electric. Electric kilns work well for low to medium heat clay, while gas kilns work best for high heat clay. However, this can be a big investment for beginners. So consider finding a local Potter who can rent you kiln space.
  • Clays : Clay is one of the dedicated raw materials for creating pottery objects. Different types of clay with different variations of silica and other minerals result in different types of ceramics.
  • Potter’s needle + Apron + towels
  • Paintings + clay cutting wire + Sponge for smoothing terracotta
  • Modeling knives + rolls + Buckets + Soft Brush + Calipers

Potter’s Wheel

To make Pottery, Arm yourself with patience

It is possible that your first achievements will not live up to your expectations… Do not be discouraged and start over. In fact, the more you practice, the more you will master the right pottery gestures and you will get beautiful pieces.

Do a training to learn the basics of Ceramics

To get started, we advise you to watch online courses given by professional potters.

Want to get started? Check out our blog full of tips that help you learn the basics of pottery!

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