Artigiano in Fiera: Back on Ceramica+’s participation in Artigiano In Fiera

The Artigiano in Fiera is an international crafts fair held, as every year, in the Milan Congress Center from December 3 to 11. This exhibition gives new impetus to artisans from more than 100 countries to promote their craft creations and make new contacts.

The 26th edition of the Artigiano in Fiera Fair counted the participation of several Tunisian artisans, who will represent the Tunisian artisanal heritage and know-how. Ceramica+ is honored to be one of these artisans and to exhibit its handmade creations beyond national borders for the first time in its career.


Ceramica+ participated in this international fair

This international exhibition, attended by more than a million visitors, was an ultimate opportunity to enhance the culture of our territory and promote our authentic and 100% handmade Pottery abroad.


Our Stand at the Milan fair brought together a large collection of products, such as Dinnerware sets and decorative pieces, which saw a large influx of visitors, who expressed their admiration for our pottery pieces which bear the imprints of the past, preserve traditions and stay at the forefront of the latest trends.

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