Ceramica Plus

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Ceramica+: Tunisian Pottery Shop

By combining the functional aspect with the aesthetic aspect, our Potters with magic fingers produce authentic and varied pottery made from terracotta

Among the pottery items available in our Pottery Shop, we cite Pottery Dinnerware Sets, Pottery Breakfast Service, Pottery Coffee Service, Pottery Water Sets or Decorative Pieces.


Cermica+ : A story of passion

From father to son, the passion of pottery has been passed on and continues to evolve to bring out artisanal marvels in the era of time.

It all started when the Master Potter and the founding father created a Pottery Factory. Mr. Kamel familiarized himself with the potter’s wheel and he contributed to the birth of a new art resulting from a combination of the know-how of the Tunisian potter ancestors. A few years later, the young enthusiast and son of the director, took over from his father and contributed to the development of the workshop, the innovation of the products and their distribution locally, nationally or even internationally.

Today, Ceramica+ is present on the web through its Online Pottery Shop.


The Pottery manufacturing Process used in our Tunisian Pottery Shop

In our Tunisian Pottery Shop, the pottery manufacturing process essentially goes through three essential steps:

  • Turning: First of all, a craftsman who works on a potter’s wheel is called a Potter. Our potters work the clay with care to homogenize it and prepare the ball of clay for turning. The ball of clay will then be thrown at the center of the plate (Girelle) of the potter’s wheel to turn evenly and thus form the shape of the desired pottery article.
  • Drying: This second consists of placing the pottery on floors and mounting it on a trolley to insert it into Pottery Kilns at a temperature above 1000°. The objective is to dry them and make them solid and unalterable. As soon as they come out of the oven, the Poterry items reveal their superb decorations.
  • The decoration: This third step consists of hand-decorating the solid clay with paints from our designers.